Hi! My name is Rachel. I live in Atlanta. I don't use tumblr that often but I enjoy posting pictures that make me happy. I'll occasionally update you all on things going on in my life.
I just typed in “dorm” hoping to see ideas for dorm room decoration….it was porn. GO TUMBLR

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Posted 3 Aug


"one ticket to [whispers] 1d3d"

"to what movie?"

"bitch u know what i said"

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Posted 3 Aug
Things I’m looking forward to

Moving out

Going to GCSU 

Meeting new people 

Graduating high school….finally 

Turning 18 

Getting my BSN 

Spending time with my friends before we go our separate ways 

Studying abroad 

Coming back home after being away for a long time 

Going hiking in the spring 

Summer and summer camp 

Life guarding all summer 

and working. At the Indian cafe that hired me a few weeks ago. yeaaah. 

Posted 1 Jan
Don’t know why but I gotta have pie
Posted 23 Nov

Cara Delevigne @ Dsquared2
ph. Fabio Abecassis

God I love Cara Delevignge.

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I love josh Hutcherson so friggin much.
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